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Human Resources Associations

This page contains links to human resource associations where job seekers can locate information to network with human resource professionals. For a comprehensive list, go to the professional associations section.

  • American Association of School Personnel Administrators - this is an organization representing the interests of human resource or related professionals working in schools. This site contains details about yearly conventions and provides members access to a member directory.

  • American College Personnel Association - about 8000 people from over 1,500 public and private organizations around the globe are members of this association. This site contains job listings, details on association conventions, and links to other valuable resources.

  • American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) - this is the world's largest organization exclusively for individuals specializing in worksite training and performance enhancement. ASTD members work at schools, government agencies, consulting firms, small businesses, multinational corporations, and supply vendors. This site contains current job postings, details about local chapters, information about upcoming events, and other valuable resources.

  • Career Masters Institute - is an international training and professional networking association with members working as human resource specialists, career transition experts, coaches, career counselors, and other development professionals. This site contains a member directory and details about association conventions.

  • College and University Professional Association for Human Resources - over 6,500 human resource administration experts from 1,600 colleges and universities across the country and other companies and organizations are members of this association. This site contains details about upcoming conventions and local chapter meetings.

  • Human Resource Planning Society - is an international association with more than 3,000 members involved with human resources from a variety of companies and organizations. This site contains details about annual conferences, industry news, and provides users with valuable HR resources.

  • Human Resources Research Organization - this organization has chapters located at various locations around the United States. This site is a great resource for individuals looking to network with local HR professionals. This site also contains details about upcoming events, available internships, a few job postings, and other valuable resources.

  • HR Policy Association

  • International Association for Human Resource Information Management - is comprised of university students and professors, consultants, suppliers, and human resource professionals. This site contains job postings, details about yearly conventions, local chapter events, a member directory, and users can learn more about opportunities for networking.

  • International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans-OnLine - More than 35,000 people working for employee benefits industries are members of this organization. This group is the biggest educational association representing these industries. This site contains job postings, training resources, industry news, and numerous valuable resources.

  • Institute for International Human Resources - is an international forum for the Society of Human Resource Management. This site contains a membership directory and details about its international convention.

  • International Personnel Management Association - this organization has over 600 members specializing in employee assessment training. This association is one of the most important organizations in this industry. This site contains details about regional associations throughout the United States, making it a valuable resource for those interested in networking with industry professionals.

  • International Society for Performance Improvement - this association contains more than 10,000 association members from chapters throughout the world. This site contains job listings, details about upcoming conferences, and other valuable resources.

  • Media Human Resources Association - this is another organization sponsoring a forum for human resource professionals working in the media.

  • National Association of Stock Plan Professionals - the NASPP is an association representing the interests of software vendors, stock brokers, transfer agents, corporate secretaries, tax and securities attorneys, accountants, and human resource specialists. This site contains job postings, industry news, and a member directory for registered members.

  • National Human Resources Association (NHRA) - is a group of local chapters dedicated to improving opportunities for human resource specialists. This site contains information about job listings and details about upcoming events and local chapter info.

  • Northeast Human Resources Association - is an association meant to assist human resource specialists working in the northeast. This site contains current job postings, details about upcoming seminars, and other valuable resources.

  • Professionals in Human Resources - this site contains current job openings, information about upcoming events, and other valuable resources.

  • Society for Human Resource Management - this association is the biggest organization for human resource management professionals on the globe, comprised of more than 190,000 members. The site contains current job openings, with frequent job alerts, details on conventions and local meetings, a membership directory, and a members only forum located at

  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology - is a subsidiary of the American Psychology Association (APA) and the American Psychology Society (APS). This site contains some job listings and other valuable networking resources.