Career and Job Search Guide

Career Education Goals

Once you have determined what you would like to do for a career, you need to determine the education and training requirements for your desired career. If you need to develop certain skills, you need to develop a plan to acquire these skills.

Use the tools and information below to meet your education and training goals.

What do specific occupations require?

  • Use the career explorer to determine occupation requirements.
  • Check to see if your desired profession (nurse, lawyer, doctor, etc.) requires you to be licensed.
  • Determine whether your desired occupation (real estate appraiser, public accountant, nursing assistant, financial advisor, etc.) requires a certification.
What skills do employers want?

Do you possess the skills employers are looking for in employees?

Don't have a high school diploma?

If you never graduated from high school, the GED (General Educational Development Test) may fulfill college entrance requirements. Don't have a career goal in mind?

After investing heavily in your education, you will want the largest return. If you have not decided on a career yet, here are some questions and options to consider.
  • What are some industries with high job growth?
  • What are the fastest-growing occupations?
  • What are the occupations that employ the most people?
  • What occupations offer the most pay?
  • Follow the steps to view wages and employment trends by occupation, job, and state.
  • Follow the steps to discover wages by educational level.