Career and Job Search Guide

Writing a Winning Resume

Knowing where to start can be the most difficult task when preparing a resume. Begin by identifying a career objective and develop your resume around that theme. It is not necessary to state your career objective but write a summary statement to match your career objectives with specific jobs.

When writing your resume, remember to:
  • Be truthful. Be honest about your abilities.
  • Target your audience. Highlight relevant skills and experience.
  • Keep it brief. Limit the number of words in your resume for scannability, and it is recommended not to exceed one to two pages.
  • Be professional. Use a high-grade paper and a quality printer to print your resume.
  • Write and rewrite. Plan several revisions of your resume until it is acceptable.
  • Be accurate. Review your resume for grammar and spelling errors. Provide a friend or trusted associate with your resume to review it.
  • Follow up. Call or send letters to companies you want to work for and reiterate your interest in working for them.
Now its time to create your resume. Begin writing your resume by using a resume template as an example. For a walk through of the resume writing process, visit the Resume Tutorial. This tool covers all of the key resume topics, including: Looking for more?
  • Browse job boards to locate sites to post your resume
  • Write a cover letter
  • Get help identifying and listing your skills
  • Use the Tools and Technology report to determine terms and buzzwords to highlight in your resume
  • Translate your applicable military skills and experience into experience that will help you get a civilian job