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Cosmetologist / Hair Stylist

Cosmetologist Hair Stylist A recent British survey discovered that hairstylists have the most satisfying careers. Customers are generally satisfied with their hairstylists, and as a result, customers show great loyalty. Hairstylists also have the opportunity to develop long-term friendships with their clients since there is a lot of time to socialize during haircuts. Stylists will have the chance to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and enjoy job security since stylist jobs will not be outsourced overseas.

Men are increasingly visiting stylists rather than barbers to get their hair cut, and they are utilizing additional services offered by stylists such as manicures and facials. More stylist job opportunities now exist for men.

Successful scientists need to be good listeners, stay up to date with current fashion trends, and have the ability to turn a customer's vision for their hair into a great haircut. Attentive stylists who develop loyal business relations with their clients can also profit by selling hair care products. Skilled stylists can work for high end salons, day spas, resorts, or a television studio, or they can begin start their own practice.

There are negative aspects to working as a hair stylist. Stylists tend to receive lower pay during economic downturns and when they do not have an established clientele. Stylists are usually on their feet which can cause health problems or varicose veins. Stylists also have to work weekends and nights, handle chemicals that can be unpleasant, and many hairstylists have few, if any health care benefits. Hairstylists will occasionally deal with angry customers.

Salary Data

Median (8 years of experience): $35,000

25-75 percentile (8 or more years of work experience): $27,500-55,500